Course Webcasting Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use it?

For instructors: request that your class get recorded, and remember to wear your microphone while teaching.
For students: go to, find your course, and watch the lecture(s) you are interested in. A guide to the interface is available.

It says I need a password.

Course lectures can be password protected at the instructor's request. Your instructor will give you the password to access the lectures.

How do get my course to be webcast?

The instructor of a course may fill our our webcasting request form to have their lecture captured. Note that your course will need to be scheduled in a room with lecture capture capability.

How long after a class ends will a webcast of it be available online?

Generally, we will have the lecture available within 10 minutes of the course ending. Some features like slide segmentation take longer than this to apply to the webcast and so these features may not be available until a few hours after the lecture is initially posed online.

Only the instructor for a course may request that their course be recorded/webcast.

I have a disability and this would be much easier for me to use if it was captioned, can you help?

Yes. While we are currently unable to caption every course we record, if you have a disability-related need for captioning we are very happy to get specific courses captioned for you. Please request this service through the Disability Resource Center's website.

I don't see any slide segmentations, where are they?

In order to deliver the webcast to you as soon as possible, we start by delivering a "rough cut" that has the video and audio, but does not include other features such as slide segmentation and text search. After the system processes the video to calculate these elements we add them to the video. This can take a few hours. If you your class just ended and you don't see segmented slides yet this is probably what's happening. If you wait, they will be added (you may need to reload the web page to see the newly segmented version).

What technology are you using?

Opencast Matterhorn. Matterhorn is an open source application for capturing and presenting classroom content created by a consortium of educational institutions. You can learn more on the Matterhorn website.

Can I use this on my mobile device?

Yes. Currently the experience is much less rich when played back on a mobile device (you only get the video and the audio, without any of the cool engagement tools) but it will work. We expect that future versions will further improve the mobile experience.

Please be aware that it requires a considerable amount of data to stream video. Depending on the details of your data plan, significant use of video over mobile may incur additional charges from your wireless provider.

How do I get help?

There is a guide to the new interface available on our website. If you have a question that is not covered in the FAQ, please contact us at or put in a ticket at We're happy to assist however we can.