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Automated Upload

  • 30 Classrooms (on and off campus) are currently equipped for automated capture.
  • Temporary installations are possile.
  • The default capture is display (computer or document camera feed) and audio.
  • The recorded files will be available through a QuickTime Download or iTunes.
  • Let us know if you want the recording to be audio only.

Manual Upload

  • If you prefer to record your own lectures and upload them to the Podcast Server.
  • Instructor records lecture in whatever form is preferred (audio only, display & audio, video...)
  • Presentation is uploaded through a web interface
  • Not all files are compatible! Some experimentation might be necessary to find the correct settings for your recording software.

All files will be accessed through https://webcast.ucsc.edu as QuickTime Progressive downloads or iTunes files.

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Automated Upload
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Manual Upload

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