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Class User-ID LINK
AMS 206 with David Draper (winter 2018) ams-206-1-w2018 Video List
AMS 7 with Yonatan Katznelson (spring 2019) ams-7-1-sp19 Video List
BIOE 20B with Robin Dunkin (spring 2019) bioe-20b-1-sp19 Video List
BIOL 100 with Douglas Kellogg (fall 2018) biol-100-1-f18 Video List
BIOL 110 with Lindsay Hinck (spring 2019) biol-110-1-sp19 Video List
BIOL 130 with Giulia Gurun (fall 2018) biol-130-1-f18 Video List
BIOL 130L with Giulia Gurun Ruben (fall 2018) biol-130l-1-f18 Video List
BME 18 with David Haussler (fall 2019) bme-18-1-f19 Video List
BME 5 with Wendy Rothwell (fall 2019) bme-5-1-f19 Video List
CHEM 109 with Caitlin Binder (spring 2018) chem-109-1-sp18 Video List
CHEM 110L with Caitlin Binder (spring 2018) chem-110l-1-sp18 Video List
CHEM 163A with Yuan Ping (fall 2018) chem-163a-1-f18 Video List
CHEM 1A with Alegra Eroy-Reveles (winter 2019) chem-1a-1-w19 Video List
CHEM 8A with Scott Lokey (fall 2017) chem-8a-1-f17 Video List
CHEM 8A with Caitlin Binder (fall 2018) chem-8a-1-f18 Video List
CHEM 8B with Caitlin Binder (winter 2018) chem-8b-1-w18 Video List
CMMU 102 with Andrea Steiner (spring 2019) cmmu-102-1-sp19 Video List
CMMU 160 with Andrea Steiner (spring 2018) cmmu-160-1-sp18 Video List
CMMU 163 with Andrea Steiner (winter 2019) cmmu-163-1-w19 Video List
CMPE 107 with JJ Garcia-Luna-Aceves (spring 2018) cmpe-107-1-sp18 Video List
CMPM 176 with Nathan Altice (fall 2019) cmpm-176-1-f19 Video List
CMPM 80K with Tad Leckman (winter 2019) cmpm-80k-1-w19 Video List
CMPM 80K with Tad Leckman (summer 2019) cmpm-80k-1-s19 Video List
CMPS 101 with Seshadhri Comandur (winter 2018) cmps-101-1-w18 Video List
CMPS 101 with Patrick Tantalo (summer 2019) cmps-101-1-s19 Video List
CMPS 11 with Narges Norouzi (winter 2018) cmps-11-1-w18 Video List
CMPS 112 with Owen Arden (spring 2019) cmps-112-1-sp19 Video List
CMPS 122 with Owen Arden (winter 2019) cmps-122-1-w19 Video List
CMPS 12A with Patrick Tantalo (winter 2018) cmps-12a-1-w18 Video List
CMPS 12B with Seshadhri Comandur (fall 2018) cmps-12b-1-f18 Video List
CMPS 12B with Patrick Tantalo (summer 2019) cmps-12b-1-s19 Video List
CMPS 140 with Lise Getoor (spring 2019) cmps-140-1-sp19 Video List
CMPS 201 with Patrick Tantalo (fall 2018) cmps-201-1-f18 Video List
CSE 116 with Owen Arden (fall 2019) cse-116-1-f19 Video List
ECON 100B with Alonso Villacorta (winter 2019) econ-100b-2-w19 Video List
ECON 100B with Alonso Villacorta (spring 2019) econ-100b-1-sp19 Video List
ECON 113 with Aaron Meininger (spring 2019) econ-113-1-sp19 Video List
ECON 2 with Ajay Shenoy (winter 2019) econ-2-1-w19 Video List
EE 225 with Michael Oye (spring 2019) ee-225-1-sp19 Video List
FILM 80V with Soraya Murray (winter 2019) film-80v-1-w19 Video List
HAVC 151 with Maria Evangelatou (spring 2018) havc-151-1-sp18 Video List
HAVC 31 with Maria Evangelatou (fall 2017) havc-31-0-f17 Video List
HAVC 51 with Maria Evangelatou (winter 2018) havc-51-1-w18 Video List
HAVC 55 with Maria Evangelatou (spring 2019) havc-55-1-sp19 Video List
LIT 101 with Chris Connery (winter 2019) lit-101-1-w19 Video List
LIT 141C with Christopher Connery (spring 2019) lit-141c-1-sp19 Video List
LIT 149C with Christopher Connery (spring 2019) lit-149c-1-sp19 Video List
METX 119 with Victoria Stone (fall 2017) metx-119-1-f2017 Video List
METX 135 with Manel Camps (spring 2019) metx-135-1-sp19 Video List
PHYS 116C with Stefano Profumo (fall 2017) phys-116c-1-f17 Video List
PSYC 121 with Nicolas Davidenko (spring 2019) psyc-121-1-sp19 Video List